Koban Coin is a Crypto-Precious Metal offering, which would always be backed by Physical Precious Metal Reserves.

KOBANCOIN TOKEN (KBC) is a Crypto-Gold being launched by Kobancoin Global .
It has all the benefits of a Cryptocurrency with the added benefit and value proposition that it is 100% backed by gold.

KOBANCOIN TOKEN (KBC) is a Crypto-Gold, a digital currency which provides its investors with a unique opportunity to invest both in crypto and gold mining business.

Anyone investing in KOBANCOIN TOKEN (KBC) is basically investing in physical gold with an additional benefit to enjoy the profits gained by the increase in KBC value during its trade on different Cryptocurrency exchanges.

Thus, by using a KBC Crypto-Gold, the owner profits of the “intrinsic” value of gold as well as the speed and portability of a Cryptocurrency. This kind of Cryptocurrency is capable of reaching a much broader market than a purely digital currency. Those who are reluctant to trust a computer program with their wealth, or people who doubt the reliability of cryptocurrency’s digital scarcity, can find solace in the token’s gold value.

Based on its utility with different partner companies as a currency in future KBC Token tend to gain a momentum in its trading value while being traded at different cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus tending to increase its market value.

Business Plan

KOBAN COIN GLOBAL has signed an agreement of partnership with mining company in Tanzania, named Kanz Mining Limited.

Kanz Mining Limited has acquired Gold and Diamond Mining Licenses in Tanzania. Some of these lands are already explored and the geophysical data is available to proceed for mining. Whereas some other areas are still in the prospecting stage.

The purpose of the ICO is to fund the Mining Company and to share the profits with the Token holders and give the opportunity to individuals to be part of GOLD Mining Business. Currently the company has started its GOLD MINING Project at one of its properties. This project is called Kitunda Gold Field Project.

In order to give security to the KOBANCOIN TOKEN holder the KBC is backed by 35,000 Ounces of Gold deposits.
Along with the increment in trading KBC would give an additional benefit of higher value as the price of the Gold increases in the market.

Apart from 35,000 Ounces which shall be reserved for KOBANCOIN TOKEN holders Kanz Mining shall allocate 7.5% of its Net profits every year to buy back KBC Tokens from the open market. These profits include, but are not limited to the Kitunda Gold Project only.